Who gets the House in a divorce or separation?

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Tue, 11/30/2021 - 20:01

Who gets the house?   Divorce procedure involves many decisions.   A Divorce Appraisal will help in who gets what property and is it equitable, fair market value?   Generally there are two options when dealing with the home - it can be sold and the proceeds divided or one party can "buy out" the other at "a price?". In many cases legal fees and court costs are compounded with arguments over the value of the property.   This is when a divorce appraisal will ensure you a fair and equitable market value settlement for both parties during this time period when emotions are very high. 

INHOUSE Appraisal can help you with two services in varying degrees.

 - An appraiser will value the property and tell you our independent estimate of fair market value of the real estate and/or,

 - We can review other appraisal reports for fairness and accuracy.

One or both parties should order an appraisal of the residence.   Divorce appraisals require a well supported, professional appraisal that could be defensible in court.   No one wins you or our legal team spend hours arguing value of the house.   When you order an appraisal from us, you are assured that you will get the best in professional service, courtesy, quality appraisal for your real estate needs.   Learn more about free appraisals and real estate agent's free valuation or evaluations

We also know how to handle the sensitive needs of a divorce situation.   When ordering an appraisal we will need to know what dates your lawyer, mediator and/or accountant may require in the valuation.   Most times we are asked to determine the fair market value for the current date.   Often the divorce date or separation date differs from the date you order the appraisal.   This could be called the valuation date.

We are familiar with procedures and requirements necessary to perform retroactive appraisals with an effective date and fair market value estimate matching the separation date, and sometimes to the date of marriage when the house was pre-owned by one party and the value was not crystallized at that time.

We also do appraisals to assist parties in determining the value for prenuptial agreements.

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